Welcome to my Adventuring

Life is definitely an adventure, we can probably agree. I like to think of myself as an adventurer – but I haven’t been great at sharing my adventure or connecting with other adventurers.

I’ve had other blogs. I’ve tried to share and have a voice, but I tried to hard to make that voice one of knowledge and wisdom and perfection. The longer I am on this adventure, the more I realize that I am rarely knowledgeable, wise, and certainly not perfect. I seek knowledge, wisdom, and have given up on perfect because I have gotten wise enough to know that perfection is found in the imperfect.

What I seek and find I want to share, and so a new adventure is born. One in which I hope my seeking inspires others to see themselves as adventurers and join me on the road themselves.

What might you find? A lot of education. A little of parenting. A sprinkle of baking, photography, and crafting. All full of joy and laughter – even in the rain, because that’s what I think it is all about.